About Us

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Welcome to Razortown.

Razortown is a designer t-shirt business based in Geelong, Australia. By combining the worlds of art, horror, and fashion, we strive to create unique and memorable tees. Drawing inspiration from all things strange and wonderful, our designs are playful, subversive, and slightly sinister. All of the design work is done in Geelong by graphic artist Jerry Zoumis, and all of the screen-printing and sublimation is done in Melbourne. Our t-shirts are manufactured in Australia, Bangladesh and Colombia. All of our t-shirt manufacturing is sweat-shop free and ethically produced. All aspects of production have been considered with the greater good in mind: our plastic t-shirt bags are biodegradable, our web hosting is green, and our receipts are printed on 100% recycled paper. We might seem a little bit weird, but we’re actually very, very nice.

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