About Us


Razortown is a designer t-shirt business based in Geelong, Australia. But it’s so much more than that: it’s a concept, it’s a destination, it’s a higher state of consciousness, it’s a golden puzzle box filled with gold, it’s a muffin. Welcome to Razortown, a strange and magical place where all your dreams will come true. Maybe.

Ok, I’m probably overselling it a bit. Hi, I’m Jerry and this is my little tee shop, Razortown. I also sell Razortown tees on EtsyeBay, at Design A Space in Fitzroy, and at various markets and events throughout the year. Follow Razortown on Facebook and/or Instagram to be kept in the loop.

What’s that you say? How did I get here? Well, the story goes that on November the 8th, 2002, I had an idea to start my very own t-shirt business:



Yes, I keep my old diaries. No, I never did send those pictures to Jaz. Yes, I did ring Ev and Sloane… I think. Anyway, stop reading my diary.

So! The beginning had begun. I was pumped and ready to go. I knew it was just a matter of time before I made a name for myself in the t-shirt industry. Nothing could stop me!

Then I got a little bit sidetracked with some stuff… for about eleven years. In 2013 I launched Razortown, and my dream of having a t-shirt business was now a reality. Fast-forward to today, and here we are!



I really want Razortown to be something different. I strive with all my heart to create t-shirt designs that are delightfully subversive and joyfully evocative. Some prints are fun, some are freaky, and some are just a little bit deranged. I draw inspiration from the stranger things in life: insects and arachnids, carnivorous plants, urban decay, buildings reclaimed by nature, dreams, nightmares, and so on.



All design work is done by me (click here if you want to see some of my other projects). All screen-printing is done in Melbourne and all dye sublimation is done in Geelong by me. The t-shirts I use are manufactured in Australia, Bangladesh and Colombia. All t-shirt manufacturing is sweat-shop free and ethically produced.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a super comfy and ethically produced designer t-shirt that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t cost a fortune, then look no further.


“Razortown ditches ordinary in favour of a little fun, and their weird and wonderful prints are just the thing you need to jazz up your summer wardrobe.” – Design A Space Windsor